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Hi... I'm Norm Prosser and I would like to welcome you to Tips4Success.

This website has been created with the sole purpose of providing you with cutting edge ideas and success strategies, as well as a vast array of tools and resources you can use to achieve many of your dreams.

We hope you find this information valuable, and if you already haven't done so, download your free copy of "How to Get Anything You Want." This is a time-limited offer for this guide, and it really is a great way to get a jump start on improving your life.

​Our Definition of Success: "The ability to have, be and do what you want, when you want, and with whom you want, without harming anybody or anything in any way...."    Norm Prosser - Editor

Why Tips4Success?

Tips4Success came into being as a result of a lifetime of research into why some people are so wildly successful, yet the majority seem to fail so miserably and live a life of quiet desperation, mediocrity, frustration and unhappiness?

We discovered that yes, there are definite, well-defined reasons why so many fail, and it is our desire to not only help you understand why you may not have attracted the success you wanted in your life, but also to provide you with new strategies, ideas and resources to live a successful life full of happiness, joy, success and abundance....

Here Are a Few Ways Tips4Success Can Help You Improve Your Life...

  • Learn why following your excitement is the key to ​what you should be doing next
  • Discover negative b​eliefs that are holding you back, and how to get rid of them once and for all
  • Find out why you attract negativity into you life, and how you can begin to attract new, exciting life situations
  • Find out how to improve your health and fitness levels without making it a constant struggle. It really can​ be easier
  • Discover how you can easily attract the people or relationships that will help you achieve whatever you want 
  • Learn the secrets on how to make use of the most powerful tool you possess... your mind. It is the key to your success
  • And much, much more...

Balance is an essential ingredient to Your Success, Happiness and prosperity

Most people think that having wealth is the definition of success. However we now know this is far from the truth.

We are now awakening to the understanding that wealth is only one possible 'symbol' of success. There are many, many more, and we now identify success as having good health, loving relationships, a well-defined definition of purpose, a rewarding and successful career, and an exciting and meaningful lifestyle. We always provide a balance with our tips, strategies and ideas in order to provide you with a 'balance' in your personal development.

Successful People Focus on Their Core5

Money & Career

Health & Fitness


Self Improvement

Leisure & Lifestyle

Focusing on ​the 5 Core Areas of your life is Necessary for your success!

If your connection of Body, Mind and Soul is out of balance, success will become like an unseen fleeting moment. When you find, connect and  understand the connection between these  3 main components of the human reality, you will find that success comes quickly, effortlessly, and with impact.

Tips4Success will help you find that connection. By following a well-designed blueprint, you will see your life change before your very eyes. You really can have, be and do what you want in life. It's not a secret, in fact it's part of our definition of success! It's not something that is 'out there somewhere'. It can all be found within you. All we need to do is help you activate it... much like turning on a switch. We would love to be that switch that turns your life into one of success, happiness and accomplishment!

Here Are  a few ways Tips4Success Can  help you ​Get what you want in your life...

​Success Tips

Delivered to your Inbox each morning Monday thru Friday, these thought provoking ideas and strategies are carefully crafted to help awaken you to your full potential. 

Blog Lessons

​As inspiration guides us we will ​let you know when important Lessons are posted to our Blog. These are essentially an expansion of the ideas presented as SuccessTips and go into a more detailed analysis of the principles of success.

Success News

Published ​approximately every 2 weeks, Success News will bring you the latest cutting-edge news, strategies and ideas that combined with the Success Tips and Blog Lessons, will allow you to grow as a person in new ways.

Tools & Resources

​When, and only when we have some valuable tools, reviews or resources that we feel can help you achieve what it is you want to accomplish, we will let you know. 

​What You Will Learn...

  • ​Tips and tricks that will optimize and supercharge your health and well-being
  • ​How to become a magnet and attract more money into your life starting today
  • ​How you can easily attract that special 'soul mate'
  • ​How to find your purpose in life... your 'reason for living'​​​​
  • ​How to take control of your life, and watch what happens when you do

So go ahead, give Tips4Success a try. Your Membership is free and could ​impact your life in amazing and unpredictable ways!

Jump-Start Your Life Today by  Getting Out of the Passengers Seat and Putting YOURSELF in the Drivers Seat...

You will also receive 'Daily SuccessTips' delivered to your inbox each morning, Monday thru Friday.
Don't care for them? No problem, you can unsubscribe any time with a simple click (and still keep the book)

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