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My name is Norm Prosser… I’m older than I wish I were, I live in British Columbia, Canada with my wife Debbie, as well as a number of kids that just won’t leave home   🙂

Actually, we have been Foster Parents for oh… about 40 years, and have raised or partially raised well over 150 kids! It’s been quite a journey to say the least. We are actually quite fortunate to have had this opportunity and  the biggest gift we have learned over time, is that you learn to love other kids as much as you do your own.

This picture was taken out on our property at the beautiful Shuswap Lakes in south central British Columbia. We love to spend as much time there as we can. As you can see we are just normal people like you, trying to enjoy life to the fullest…

A couple years ago we also inherited a little Teacup Terrier named Lou, Louie, Lewis, Loo Loo, as well as a few other names… depending on his behavior. I’ll see if I can find a picture… oh ya, here’s one I found on my smart phone…

He is high maintenance, and I keep threatening to find a home for the little guy, but honestly…. he’s not going anywhere!

King Louis is here to stay….

I’ve been involved in online marketing for lots of years… during that time it’s been a bit of a roller-coaster ride. Everything from incredible success to failure, and everything in between. The vast majority of the time it was simply a part-time venture. My career in the real world was Architecture, and I’ve designed many buildings across Western Canada. So that kept me pretty busy.

But now I prefer to spend my time with marketing, and especially helping people get more of what they want out of life. Over the years I have seen so many people fail with their online ventures. And in most cases it really wasn’t their fault. The cards were stacked against them!

Much of my time has been spent studying why most of these people fail, while a few others succeed beyond their wildest imaginations. Over time you begin to see a pattern… and you realize that success really is not the mystery it is portrayed to be. There are definite, well-defined strategies and ideas that can help you overcome any problems in your life. Whether it’s money, relationships, health or happiness, there are things you can do, starting today, to create the life you want!

This website is dedicated to helping you find that success. It could be in the form of articles, product reviews, blog posts, free courses and training, books, videos, or simply inspiration.

If you would like to learn more, and discover the strategies, habits and secrets that drive successful lives, and be able to have, be and do what you want in life, join our list using the form below and learn what you can do to change your life… I promise to only bring you the strategies, tools, and resources that really do make a difference! This is a no-fluff zone! And, if by chance you don’t like what you see , we make it very easy for you to unsubscribe at any time.

But most important, this website is not meant to portray me as a guru or some sort of teacher. My purpose is to simply share what I have discovered works…that’s it in a nutshell… I really prefer that Tips4Success becomes a Community where we all share our ideas, failures, dreams and successes. There is so much more power in that…

I look forward to welcoming you aboard and getting to know you better. 

Norm Prosser

Editor: Tips4Success

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