​Jaws Coloring Book

​Bring the gore and carnage of the greatest shark flick in cinematic history to life by sitting down with the Jaws coloring book. The book features 12 action packed illustrations depicting scenes from the iconic movie and also includes 3 custom stickers as an added bonus. ​​Scary adult stuff…

USD $​21.95

​Giant Talon Table

​Set yourself apart from the millions of homes filled with IKEA furniture by decorating with this giant talon table. This imposing piece is composed of a painted brass top that sits atop an eye-catching hand painted bronze base designed like a massive talon – complete with claws.

USD $​​13,459.95

​Paintball Battle Tanks

​Take the sport of paintball to new heights by getting behind the wheel of one of these motorized paintball tanks. Mounted with a paintball marker of your choosing, you’ll be able to experience an all-out scaled down tank battle – where getting shot in the face is guaranteed!

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